The MMYC slipway is available to MMYC members through this managed booking system. Non-members may also utilise the slip depending upon demand/availability.

The following pages provide information regarding usage of our unique facility. The intention is to provide a simple, equitable system for everyone involved whilst providing a safe working environment and protecting MMYC’s assets.

This page provides essential information relating to all bookings. Separate linked pages provide access to the required forms and supporting information.

Usage policies

No vessel is permitted to use the club’s slipping facilities without prior provision of a Certificate of Currency of insurance for at least $10 million third party property.

The cradle and winch may only be operated by authorised slipway operators and trusted professional contractors.

The facility must be left clean and ready for the next booking. This includes, but is not limited to:

 Resetting the cradle and return of all blocks and associated equipment to their designated location/s

 Clean down all work benches and returning club tools to their racks

 Clean and tidy all work areas including the slipway rails and surface

 Remove and take home all rubbish. 

 Do not place any rubbish in the bins at bottom of footbridge or leave it in the slipway facility. 

Please contact the slipway coordinator (Murray Parsons on 0490 844 356) if you experience difficulties making your booking or have any questions regarding the club’s slipway policies.


Members $43/day

Non-Members $70/day

Non-Members also pay an up and down fee $80 each way.


Bookings can be requested using either the online booking form or manually if you experience any problems with the online form. The club does not accept bookings over the phone or via text. 

Your request should be processed and appear on the slipway calendar within two business days of receipt by the slipway coordinator.


The following links provide access to the required forms and supporting information.

Slipway calendar

Online booking form

Manual booking form

Getting help with slipway usage/operation

Slipway documentation


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