Flare Night News

By all reports the flare night was a great success and quite spectacular.
Many folks off the Island were interested in the light and smoke show with three Fire Engines joining in along the way. 50 members are now practised in the art of flare deployment, which is not always easy in the heat of the moment.

Stay tuned for the next General Meeting Agenda for Tuesday June 6 as we continue our safe boating sessions.

-       Photo Wayne Imlach.
MMYC Flare Night

Our Third Winter Race

May 23, 2017
Last Sunday saw the running of our 3rd Winter race. We continue to have a good number of yachts turning up for our events especially with the fine weather we have been having over Autumn.  
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A report to hand on the recent Four Points Race conducted at RMYS.    
Four Points AE

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MMYC Flare Night

April 28, 2017


It was October 2015 when our Flare Night was interrupted by 2 days of total
fire ban. We never got to do the theory part of the Flare Night.
Peter Donaldson returns to the next General Meeting to refresh our
knowledge on the use of flares and other measures of managing a distress

This will include practice in the art of deployment which means :::


Some Fine Tuning

April 25, 2017
The Ark work
Spotted last Saturday working on The Ark, were skipper Wayne and Don who seemed to know a few things about diesel engines. Seems that they'd found at least one loose wire down there and the mission was to reconnect it - somewhere. Wondering how the work all finished up in the end?!

Work on Willie 2

April 22, 2017
With sander in hand, Gordon and a couple of mates were well under way with the big job of removing all of the paint on the hull of Willie 2 on the weekend.   
Willee Work a
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