Sutton Lounge Cocktail Night 2024

Published Sun 31 Mar 2024

The recent Cocktail Night was a roaring success, thanks in no small part to our mixologist
extraordinaire Lyndon, who must have lost 20kg with the amount of shaking he did all night.
He provided a great range of cocktails, my personal favourite being the Pina Colada. Helen
was the garnish queen, decorating our cocktails with flair, while Michael managed the
financial side of the evening. A great team. Of course, Responsible Serving of Alcohol
guidelines were followed.
Debbie and Linda outdid themselves with the charcuterie board, which was a feast for the
eyes, let alone our tummies. I do hope regular Sutton Lounge attendees don’t expect this
standard every month!
As the evening progressed, Mark brought out his guitar which livened us all up. There was
even a bit of singing and dancing.
Some of the women looked resplendent in cocktail dress, brightening up the Sutton lounge
with plenty of sparkles. The men were less adventurous, with the exception being Peter
Banham, who looked as though he had just ambled in from a yacht on the Riviera.
So many thanks to all those who contributed to the fun of the evening, including Stuart who
wasn’t able to be there, but who made sure the alcohol was all on hand, so we didn’t run out.

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