OPEN Mic Night

Published Wed 11 Oct 2023


OPEN Mic Night is coming to the Sutton Lounge—

Friday October 27 from 6.30

This is a must not miss life time experience.

At this venue, on this date, there will be talent aplenty as we wind through the magical moments of our singers, poets, musicians, comedians, philosophers and artists in general.

This is our 7th Open Mic(rophone) night and we want you all to be there.

Come along as a performer or come along to join the audience. Maybe you will join the audience and then become a performer. It’s happened before !!!

It’s just a great night of fun and a tribute to our performers.

The Sutton Bar will be open. Snacks will be provided. The foyer overflow room will be open. Further details Peter B. 0491 606 438


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