Published Fri 08 Sep 2023


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MMYC Newsletter – Quick News Edition 2—September 8th 2023

Mordialloc Motor Yacht Club Inc. A0034091Y

Rear, 11 Parana street, Mordialloc, Vic, 3195


Ahoy there, members! Thanks for reading our Anchor quick news edition



between 8.00am and 12 midday

Please note down the below information. We need all hands on deck for a couple of hours between 8.00am and 12 midday. Lunch will be provided at 12 midday.

Details are below. Please make sure you drop by and give a hand to prepare the Island and club for OUR OCTOBER 22 OPEN DAY and busy Summer season.It’s Spring into Spring Time folks! Before we get to enjoy the warmer weather, it is time to begin the tidy up of our island, especially before our Opening Day celebrations.


We have a few areas of the island needing a clean and tidy up and we hope to complete all of this at a working bee on Saturday morning 23rd September commencing at 8.00am until we all can enjoy a BBQ lunch.

Rhino Bins will again provide a skip at the foot of the stairs so we can easily say goodbye to unwanted rubbish off the island. We are grateful for their assistance to our club.



Major jobs to complete……………….


  • Clear out the four underneath the clubhouse lockers:

The four clubhouse lockers are to be cleared out as they have been filled with many forgotten personal items and we now need to make better use of our storage.


NOTE: If you have any items in those four lockers under the east end of the clubhouse, please come to the island ASAP over the next few weeks and take them home. It’s likely they will not be available after the working bee – don’t miss your opportunity!


If you no longer want your items, please move them onto the rubbish pile beside the old water tank, ready to go into the skip at the working bee.

Knowledgeable and trusted long-time members will start this week looking through those lockers and selecting useful club equipment for safe keeping.


  • Move those small rocks off the no. 2 slipway

Rocks that were sitting in the mud in front of the Water Sports Centre have been removed from the water so the dredge can do its work.

These rocks now need to be wheel-barrowed to the corner of the clubhouse to fill a hole beside the north-east corner of the clubhouse for safety sake.


  • Clean out the upstairs hall

Equipment used for functions has gradually gathered in the hall. We need to sort and declutter and move some equipment which is infrequently used but still useful, down into those lockers under the building.


  • Set up new outdoor umbrellas

Our two new outdoor umbrellas need to be set up on the upstairs deck and an old one requires the covering fabric to be replaced – the new cover is there just waiting to be installed. We will then have 4 outdoor tables and umbrellas on the deck ready for outdoor functions.


  • Use dishwashers to clean the crockery and cutlery in the upstairs kitchen and BBQ area kitchen  

Use the dishwashers to clean crockery and cutlery for the upcoming spring and summer functions. It has been found that dirty dishes and cutlery are being returned to the cupboards. The easy fix is to simply run everything through our commercial dishwashers – it only takes 2 minutes per full load!


See you there.


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