News for June 2011

A Test in the Wind

June 28, 2011
The race was fast and furious in the conditions with the beat out to the mussel culture proving to be a test for all crews. The pressure came off a bit on the down-wind leg but came back on with the fast reach from number 1 back to the finish.  

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Fun Day for Charity

June 27, 2011
   It wasn't all "sit back and relax" for Commodore Des on Sunday. Following a great lunch it was time to help with the washing up.
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Packing Up

June 25, 2011
   With the word out that a start on the dredging work is just around the corner gaps are opening up in moorings all around the Island. Following the specially held race on Saturday a couple of masts came down as these two boats readied themselves for departure. They'll both head up to Patterson River. Keep an eye on your Email and on this site for the lastest news on the dredging.   
Mast Down_1

Another Bike Tale

June 21, 2011
Now we had a very nice tail-wind so it was an easy ride back. Just before Mentone, Barry and Bernard touched wheels and Barry went down. Not too much damage we hope.     

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The Piano Upstairs

June 19, 2011
   One Friday evening, while a few members were having a drink aboard a large cabin cruiser, talk got around about purchasing a Piano for the Club and it was decided then and there to purchase one.
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Face Lift

June 16, 2011
Marcus A
   Don't know if you'd noticed the new mode of transport for the Allnuts over the past couple of weeks but on Sunday the familiar grey and white run-about was back on the water. She's been out for a tidy up and is now sporting a new coat of paint amongst other things. Not sure if Marcus will give up on the new one though having smelt those 2 stroke fumes in the morning !!   
Peter A

A Race in the Mist

June 14, 2011
The conditions made for eerie and nervous sailing - yachts like ghosts ships appearing all of a sudden from the gloom. All crews were relying on their GPS to make for the marker.  

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Honky Tonk of a Time

June 14, 2011
Honky Tonk 4

   Sully made the old club piano sing and even a few members were encouraged to try their hand on the keyboard.
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Helpful Ideas

June 10, 2011
With the dredging work in the creek about to start, every skipper with a boat in the work area needs to have an action plan to move it. Some ideas about where your vessel may be safely stored have started to present themselves. So as they come to hand we'll list them for you here.   

End in Sight

June 08, 2011
At Tuesday nights club meeting Garry Spencer relayed the good news that a start on the long awaited work to dredge the creek was only a matter of weeks away.     
Address the Meeting

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A full Slipway

June 06, 2011
A few club boats really fill the slipway up when it's their turn to be pulled out and Jay Jay II is one of them. Up for most of last week for a few jobs to be seen to, Saturday saw skipper Des alongside Marcus sorting out one of the problems right down the back end. Things were soon sorted and she went back into the water Sunday afternoon.
Jay Jay Slipway
Jay Jay Props

Gift from the Depths

June 03, 2011
As a result of a major environmental disturbance at the mouth of the creek this week, a new island mysteriously emerged from the sea bed.   
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Luncheon Cruise

June 01, 2011
   Lately it looks like Quicksilver is the the vessel of choice when it comes to mid week adventures. Mike gives us the latest tale.

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