News for January 2011

On the Wrong Boat !

January 28, 2011
Wrong Boat


Here's a rare shot !

Die-hard power boat man Peter has somehow finished up aboard a vessel powered by sail. The only explanation we can come up with is that with the Longbeach Challenge this weekend, one skipper has decided to try anything to get an edge on the rest of the fleet. Hope they don't mind a trailing fishing line !!

Our Australia Day

January 28, 2011


These guys were down on the Island early and ready to head up Beauie way for an Australia Day breakfast feast. Things didn't quite go as planned so it was back to the Island for drinks.

The Boys

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Binda Under Tow

January 26, 2011

Thursday afternoon saw Hans aboard Binda with his daughter and her family – The Murphy’s – in need of a tow.  Oil leak and stranded Samantha answered the call heading to Mentone for the rescue. Luckily for Hans, the fix is not too much of a headache.
Oil Man

From Dubai

January 26, 2011
Paul in Dubai
   Paul Cahir has sent in a story and some shots from Dubai - where he managed to scratch that 'itch" and get out on the water.
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Brave Fishermen

January 24, 2011

This shot taken in the creek has been sent in with the title "Brave Fishermen". Pretty sure there's some other adjectives that could be added tough.

At least they're pointed in the right direction !

Brave Fishermen

Our Guys in "Geelong Week"

January 23, 2011
   You may have heard the news that two boats from Mordi have entered this years Geelong Week competition. We caught site of them on Saturday as they headed south.
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Aboard Independent Endevour

January 18, 2011

"Somewhere near Corsair Rock we need to tack, there’s no other choice. As we tack, a massive wave stops the boat and I know we’ve stopped. Because I can see as we winch in hard on the headsail, that there’s no water passing us."

Peter Banham's exciting account of the Race to Tassie.


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Summer Series Heat 8

January 17, 2011
Start Race 8

Skippers jostle for position yesterday for the start of the Summer Series Heat 8.

Mike Mongomery fills us in on the details.

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New Year's Resolution

January 17, 2011

At this time of year we make New Year Resolutions and it appears as though Chef Wayne may have done just that.

An unusually empty mooring on Saturday proved that something was afoot and sure enough there he was, out with the recently recommissioned Kaloah III and Jay Jay II for a bit of a run in the near perfect conditions and living up to the boat's name Wet & Wild !



Two Up

Heading Inland

January 15, 2011
Tired of waiting for good boating weather over the holidays, the Hebards decided to head inland for a few days.   
Hebard Holiday5
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She Turns

January 13, 2011
She Turns
  Not sure what trick they may have had to use to get this shot. Who knows - Bob may even be a wiz with Photoshop?! Anyway this shot of Kaloha III's sweeping turn has been sent in, dismissing any rumors of problems raised in previous stories !!

A Yard full of Boats

January 09, 2011
Over in the corner of the yard I was taken to a covered area where the hull of a new paddle steamer is taking shape. It's a fully steel hull, with a length of about 28 meters.   
Sreel Bow
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Evidence !?

January 09, 2011
The Cook
Captain Bob
Straight Out
Following a few issues earlier in the week in the story below, photographic evidence has been received of a successful test run of Kaloha III. With the steering repairs complete, skipper Bob, Commodore Des and I'm told "the cook", headed out on Saturday with both engines roaring. But sorry guys .... The shots really prove nothing but that she can still only run in a straight line !!!

Shots from Silver Cloud

January 08, 2011

   Jenny and son David have taken some nice shots aboard Silver Cloud lately
SC Sunset
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Touring Around

January 07, 2011
Adelaide sailing ship
   Des had plans to head up to Queensland for the break but due to the heavy rain decided to make it a more local tour. He headed up to southern NSW, on through Broken Hill and then circled down through Adelaide. Here's some shots of interest from his trip that have been sent in.
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Up & Away - well nearly!

January 06, 2011

Everything was set. After months of work the new engine was in place - there was nothing to stop them and Kaloha III would be under way again. But 30 secs into the journey there was a snag. No steering! So it was up on the slip for a few minutes to free things up. However even with a liittle encouragment from Des it was no good and last heard the power steering is under repair.     One more time guys!

Kaloha Slipped
Kaloha Inspection
Kaloha Help