News for August 2010

Under Tow

August 30, 2010
Eric figured that in the right conditions, the Nolex would be able to do the job. So with the forecast for good weather across the weekend it was decided to head off Saturday.   
Set Up
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3 Men in a Boat - In the Creek

August 26, 2010
Continuing our theme from the story below of " Three Men in a Boat" - this shot has been sent in. Appears as though a survey boat with 3 aboard was spotted working in the creek on Thursday. A postive sign we hope?!   
3men Survey

Worth a Look

August 25, 2010
     Its started back in 2006 with Three Men in a Boat, a TV series where Griff Rhys Jones  and a couple of mates travelled down the Thames in a rowing boat.
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Election Time

August 20, 2010

Des Fullarton


September is Election Time for MMYC Club members.

We take a look at the members nominated for the coming years' Flag Officer and Committee positions.

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Last Winter Race for 2010

August 09, 2010
A wild day takes its toll on the fleet for the last event of the Winter Series.   
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Roast beef @ Beuie

August 08, 2010


"The jetty at BMYS is a great spot to pull in to, with easily access and nice clear water..."

Four Club Boats take a trip down to Beaumaris Jetty


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Helping Hand for our Creek

August 01, 2010
PB Rally

Color, Noise and a bucket of Black Mud

Images & News from the MCC Rally

Black Mud

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