News for November 2010

Jot Down Your Name

November 28, 2010

Next time you're passing the notice board at the club, you'll notice two lists on display. Both have been posted in order to get an idea of how many members and friends will be attending the two End of Year functions that are being organized.

There's the Christmas BBQ on December the 7th  and the New Year's Eve Bash on December 31st of course.

So if you plan on attending both or either of these events, please add your name as soon as you can.


Neat EYE in the SKY

November 28, 2010

Those familiar with Google Earth or Maps will no doubt have checked out their boat and the Island from time to time. A recent service called Nearmap presents not only one high quality satellite image but a number of them. Currently 7 images ranging from Oct 2oth this year back to Nov 2009 are available for the Island. Very interesting.

MMYC- Nearmap

The Secret's Out

November 27, 2010
Karen & Clyde

It's taken a few weeks for us to get the photographic evidence of Karen and Clydes well kept secret but finally here's a shot to prove it. A few club members discovered the news just prior to the big day last month but generally it's been kept pretty quiet.

In any case Congratulations to the happy couple.

Making News

November 25, 2010

Members living close to Mordialloc who read the local newspaper or check it on-line will no doubt have seen the articles regarding the Mordialloc Creek Community. For those that haven't seen them tough - its worth a look.



Killing Time

November 23, 2010

Wonderful setting isn't it. Calm & surreal ... until you work out what's really happening.

After a pleasant outing, the Chapman's found on there return that they could get no-where near their mooring. Now it was a case of killing time until the water came up !

Killing Time

Around the Island

November 23, 2010
Bridal Boat 2
   There's always something going on around the Island and a few shots have come in to prove it.
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Weather Watch

November 17, 2010
   After a few years absence a new Weather Station has been installed at the club. Funds to buy the new unit came from the Sailing Group, who've been keen to have current conditions available at the club for some time. The display screen is located in the briefing room and it's hoped that an internet version will soon be available here on the web site.

Longbeach - 1st Event

November 16, 2010

The first leg of the annual Longbeach Challenge was held last Sunday

Mike outlines the running of the event and lists the results.

Heading Back

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$6 Million for the Creek

November 14, 2010
To camera

   Six million dollars to clean up Mordi Creek was promised by the state opposition leader Ted Baillieu when he addressed a group from the Mordi Creek Community on Saturday morning.
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Not Always to Plan

November 06, 2010
The great thing about having a boat on a mooring is that you can just wander down, start her up and head out for a day on the water. Well most times you can !   

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Done it Before

November 06, 2010
Holter Win
   In a story a little further down the page you'll see that this years winner of the Aggregate was Mark Holter and crew aboard Silver Cloud. Well this shot proves that it isn't the first time they've won. A photo of the whole family back in the very early 90's has been found when they won aboard a boat called Mutineer.

Peter Banham fills us in on his Cup Weekend adventure aboard the Independent Endeavour.

The wild weather tests all aboard as they attempt the Bass Sraight crossing to Stanley.


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